Graduate Fellowships 2021-2022

Snapshot Event – April 8, 2022 

Video Presentations – April 8, 2022 

Profiles of 2021-2022 CRS Fellows

Profiles of 2021-2022 CSWR Fellows

Profiles of 2021-2022 NMHR Fellows

CRS Fellowship Award Recipients 2021-2022


CRS Fellows

Project Titles

Denk, Lukas

A Navajo Corpus for Historical Narratives



Ghimire, Suraj

Disproportionate Effect of CAFOs on Disadvantaged Communities: A Case Study of New Mexico Dairy Farms



Gonzales, Joseph

The Fight for Albuquerque: Nuevo Mexicanx Racialization and Critical Quantum Entanglements with the Ghosts of Wells Park



Griesser, Lia

The Valley of the Mills



Jones, Frances

English Dialect Variation in Española, New Mexico



Pacheco, Rosalia

Culturally Responsive Teaching to Support Students With Disabilities Who are Culturally and Linguistically Diverse



Pinkins, Carlyn

Finding Our Place: Black Homesteading in New Mexico in the Twentieth Century



Skahan, Mariann

You Can’t Teach Kids from a Book:  Language Education and Revival on the Jicarilla Apache Nation



Ukockis, Joseph

Beyond the Periphery: Bonds of Interdependence in Mescalero and Chiricahua Homelands, 1786-1858



Vanbrocklin, Vicki

More than the Defiant Few: Lost Womanhood and Necro Women Dismantling Nineteenth-Century Gender Ideologies



Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections Fellowships 2021-2022



CRS/CSWR Assistantship

Gorman, Zonnie M.

Manuscript/Navajo Code Talker Collection

Heckman, Joshua

Manuscript Archival Collections

Lazzaro, Maya

UNM Archives Collections Fellowship

Martinez, Jeannette

Pictorial Collections Fellowship

Reiss, Breanna F.

Scholarly Communication (DISC)



New Mexico Historical Review Fellowships 2021-2022



CRS/NMHR Assistantship

Dominguez, Marvin

Editorial Fellow

MacNeil, Ronald

Editorial Fellow

Mendoza, Edrea

Editorial Fellow

Polk, Adam

Editorial Fellow