CRS Graduate Student Fellowships 2022-2023

Profiles of 2022-2023 CRS Fellows

Profiles of 2022-2023 CSWR Fellows

Profiles of 2022-2023 NMHR Fellows

Center for Regional Studies Award Recipients

CRS Fellows


Project Titles

Minea Armijo Romero


“Sí solo nos dan esta oportunidad”




Joseph M. Birkmann


Middle Archaic Farmer-Foragers in Southeastern Arizona




Larkin Chapman


New radiocarbon dates on late Pleistocene Equus in the Southwest and investigating evidence for Paleoindian and horse interaction in the region




Mario E. del Ángel-Guevara


Returning to northern New Mexico and southern Colorado




Lukas Denk


A Navajo Corpus of Historical Narratives




Gustavo García


The Visual Poetics of Oaxacan Art




Suraj Ghimire


Will bioenergy production from dairy manure power move to a carbon-neutral New Mexico?




Frances Jones


English Dialect Variation in Española, New Mexico




Mishelle Jurado


¿Quiénes somos? Testimonio Project New Mexican Spanish Language Arts Teacher High School Teachers




Edrea Mendoza Quintero


Planificar es cuestión de querer




David Player


Can Perceptual Dialectology be used with Signed Languages?




Savannah Quintana-Eddins


Impacts of urban renewal on Hispanic identity and sense of place in Las Cruces, New Mexico




Aditi Sarkar


Effects of the Permian Boom on the Economy of New Mexico




Thatcher Seltzer-Rogers


Between Casas Grandes and Salado




Cassie Lynn Smith


Centering Community through Critical Arts-Based Education




Joseph Ukockis


Beyond the Periphery: Bonds of Interdependence in Mescalero and Chiricahua Homelands, 1680-1886




Magdalena Vásquez Dathe


Speaking Up in English




Jared Wood


Paying Farmers to Not Farm: A Three-Year Case Study of Environmental Water Conservation in the Middle Rio Grande




Genevieve Woodhead


The Effect of Local-Newcomer Interactions on Ceramic Practice in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico




Center for Southwest Research & Special Collections (CSWR) Assistantship Recipients



CRS/CSWR Assistantship

Carlyn Pinkins

Charles E. Becknell, Sr., Collections

Hakim Bellamy

Harold Bailey Collections

Fatima del Angel Guevara

Rudolfo Anaya Collection

Joshua Heckman

Manuscript Southwest Collections

Amber Lane

UNM Archives Collections

Nicholas Valdés

Pictorial Collections



New Mexico Historical Review (NMHR) Assistantship Recipients



CRS/NMHR Assistantship

Marvin Dominguez

Editorial Fellow

Caitlin Grace Leishman

Editorial Fellow

Edrea Mendoza Quintero

Editorial Fellow

Adam Polk

Editorial Fellow

Joseph Ukockis

Editorial Fellow