About the Center for Regional Studies

The Center for Regional Studies (CRS) promotes the quest for sources of knowledge about New Mexico, the U.S.A. - Mexico Borderlands, the Americas, and Spain.

The UNM Center for Regional Studies (CRS) is a multidisciplinary outreach center designed to enhance the work of the university through student fellowships, research, program funding, visiting scholars, digital media and other projects with a particular emphasis on activities that increase our understanding of New Mexico, the Southwest, Indigenous communities, the U.S. Mexico Borderlands, and the Americas. We facilitate the production, presentation, and distribution of books, films, lectures, recording and photo collections.


  • To discover, create, preserve, disseminate and promote a culture of broad inquiry throughout and beyond the UNM community.  CRS advances UNM's mission of developing the global perspective of its students through a variety of academic and research opportunities led by expert faculty as they work to generate and create new and valuable sources of knowledge.
  • To contribute to the comprehensive opportunities offered at UNM with a focus on New Mexico and Southwest studies.
  • To foster the teaching, learning, research, and public service goals of UNM through linking resources to people and communities throughout New Mexico.


  • Graduate Students CRS awards graduate, thesis, and dissertation fellowships/scholarships.
  • Faculty - Funding is provided for projects by UNM faculty, postdoctoral, and visiting scholars.
  • Archival - CRS supports the acquisition, preservation, and accessibility of archival materials.
  • Dissemination - CRS promotes the distribution of books, journal articles, exhibitions, public presentations, films, and lectures produced under its auspices.
  • Multi-Media Projects - CRS facilitates the production, presentation, and distribution of documentary films and oral histories.  CRS encourages and stimulates projects grounded in collaborative partnerships and on extended fieldwork that utilize photography, film/video, audio, narrative writing and other creative media to capture and convey contemporary memory, life, and culture.

CRS Advisory Board

The CRS advisory board was established to advise the Center for Regional Studies on programs, projects and initiatives related to the core mission of the center. Advisory board members are selected for their hands-on knowledge, expertise and past experience in areas related to strengthening the work of CRS. The membership of the committee seeks to bring together broad expertise in matters related to regional studies. Members may also hold expertise of a technical, scholarly, educational or fund development nature that can assist with the design of programs and strategic planning. Advisory board meetings are convened by the CRS director periodically. Current members are:


Durwood Ball, PhD

Associate Professor: History Department

Director & Editor: New Mexico Historical Review


Subhankar Banerjee, MS

Founding Director: Center for Environmental Arts and Humanities

Professor: Department of Art


Wendy Greyeyes, PhD

Associate Professor: Native American Studies

Chair: New Mexico Indian Education Advisory Council


Natasha Howard, PhD

Assistant Professor: Geography & Environmental Studies

Assistant Professor: Department of Africana Studies


Stephen P. Hull, MA

Director: University of New Mexico Press

Professor of Practice: College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences


Michelle Hall Kells, PhD

Professor: Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies

Director of Graduate Studies: Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies


Baker H. Morrow, FASLA

Professor of Practice: Landscape Architecture Program, School of Architecture & Planning

Landscape Architect, Author


joni m palmer, PhD, APA, ASLA

Project Director: Southwest Environmental Finance Center, Center for Water and the Environment

UNM Teaching & Research Faculty: Department of Community & Regional Planning

UNM Teaching & Research Faculty: Department of Geography & Environmental Studies


Carla M. Sinopoli, PhD

Director: Maxwell Museum of Anthropology

Professor: Department of Anthropology



Individuals Across UNM's Campus Who Have Served on CRS Committees for Fellowships, Faculty Development, and Community-based Research Funding



Durwood Ball

Department of History & New Mexico Historical Review

Lorenda Belone

College of Education & Human Sciences

Rebecca Blum Martinez

Language, Literacy, & Sociocultural Studies

Ronda Brulotte

Geography; Latin American & Iberian Institute

Kirsten Buick

Africana Studies

Margaret Connell-Szasz

Emerita: Department of History

Kency Cornejo

Art History

Alexandra Davis

Individual, Family, and Community Education

Jaelyn deMaria

Communication & Journalism

Jennifer Denetdale

American Studies Department

Gabriel Fries-Briggs

Architecture & Planning

Julia Fulghum

Chemistry; College of Arts and Sciences

Karen Gaudreault

HESS: Physical Education Teacher Education

Alyosha Goldstein

American Studies Department

Myrriah Gomez

Honors College

Felipe Gonzales

Sociology Department

Wendy Greyeyes

Native American Studies

Catherine Harris

Landscape Architecture; Art History

Natasha Howard

Geography & Environmental Studies/Africana Studies

Stephen Hull

University of New Mexico Press

Michelle Kells

Department of English; Chicana/o Studies

Maria Lane

Department of Geography & Environmental Studies

Tiffany Lee

Native American Studies

Christopher Lippitt

College of Arts and Sciences

Miguel Lopez

Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Nancy Lopez

Department of Sociology

Troy Lovata

Honors College

Glenabah Martinez

Language, Literacy, & Sociocultural Studies

Katherine Massoth

Department of History

Hannah Mattson

Anthropology Department

Catherine Montoya

Native American Studies

Manuel Montoya

Economics Department

Baker Morrow

SAAP Landscape Architecture

Anna Nogar

Department of Spanish & Portuguese

joni palmer

Geography & Environmental Studies

Mary Rice

Language, Literacy, & Sociocultural Studies

Adriana Ramirez de Arellano

Women Studies

Jose Rivera

Professor Emeritus: School of Public Administration

Shawn Secatero

Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

Christine Sierra

Emerita: Political Science

Carla Sinopoli

Museum and Anthropology

Robert Valdez

Emeritus Professor: Family Community Medicine;

Irene Vasquez

Chicana and Chicano Studies

Melina Vizcaino-Aleman

English Department

Vincent Werito

Language, Literacy, & Sociocultural Studies

Assata Zerai

Equity and Inclusion, Department of Sociology