Film Trailers

Part of the CRS agenda is to produce, present and disseminate documentary/film work grounded in collaborative partnerships and extended fieldwork that utilizes photography, field/video, audio and narrative writing and other creative media.  CRS conducts its work for local, regional and international audiences.

Popejoy @ 50 - Trailer

Popejoy@50, a documentary about the difficulties in getting the hall funded, sited, and constructed, and the man who was determined to make it happen. Popejoy@50 is a stunningly beautiful film which features Tom Popejoy Jr. talking about his father and his passion for building a concert hall on the UNM campus, and introduces Hal Holbrook talking about Popejoy Hall and how it was in the 60's when he performed at Popejoy Hall.  This film continues the UNM series of documentaries about UNM's rich and colorful history. Produced and directed by Arcie Chapa of the Center for Regional Studies, this the third of her documentaries about major anniversaries on the UNM campus. Her first two were UNM@125 and Zimmerman@75. All three films were funded and produced by the Center for Regional Studies for their respective celebrations. Click here to watch Popejoy @ 50

UNM @ 125 - Trailer

The University of New Mexico was founded on February 28, 1889, with the passage of House Bill number 186 by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of New Mexico. In 1989, the university celebrated its centennial. The 1989-90 academic year was UNM President Gerald W. May's last year in office. The Mesa Vista logo in turquoise was created for that celebration and many events commemorated UNM's first century. In 2014, UNM looks back at 125 years of history and accomplishments while also looking forward and planning for what lies ahead. Join us on the adventure. Click here to watch UNM @ 125

Zimmerman @ 75:  The Campus Heart - Trailer

Zimmerman@75: The Campus Heart is a visually stunning documentary about the history of Zimmerman Library at The University of New Mexico, seen through the eyes of architects, artists, administrators, students, staff and the community. Since its opening in 1938, Zimmerman Library has been in continuous use and remains a vital part of the UNM experience. Filmmaker Aracely (Arcie) Chapa has produced and directed an emotional and reverential tribute to Zimmerman's past as well as its future, with a generous funding from the Center for Regional Studies. Click here to watch Zimmerman @ 75