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 Acequias: The Legacy Lives On, has been selected to be screened at the Santa Fe Film Festival.


Sunday, April 28, 2024, from 10am - noon
Jean Cocteau Theater, 418 Montezuma Ave., Santa Fe, NM  87501



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New Book Release by

University of New Mexico Press

Yazzie Case - Book 

The story of Wilhelmina Yazzie and her son’s effort to seek an adequate education in New Mexico schools revealed an educational system with poor policy implementation, inadequate funding, and piecemeal educational reform. The 2018 decision in the Yazzie/Martinez lawsuit proved what has always been known: the educational needs of Native American students were not being met.


In this superb collection of essays, the contributors cover the background and significance of the lawsuit and its impact on racial and social politics; provide an overview of the Native American educational system; present a policy analysis of the New Mexico Indian Education Act; study comparable cases in Utah and Arizona; discuss the financial cost to recoup a sustainable education system for students; review testimonials from the experiences of expert witnesses; and consider the institutional implications from higher education, K-12 schools, tribal education departments, and students.


The Yazzie Case provides essential reading for educators, policy analysts, attorneys, professors, and students to understand the historically entrenched racism and colonial barriers impacting all Native American students in New Mexico’s public schools. It constructs a new vision and calls for transformational change to resolve the systemic challenges plaguing Native American students in New Mexico’s public education system.


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UNM Newsroom articles summarize two
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Milestone exhibit honors generational histories of Pueblo pottery

By Salome Borrego-Marsh | October 18, 2023