CRS Graduate Student Fellowships 2023-2024

Profiles of 2023-2024 NMHR Fellows

Profiles of 2023-2024 CSWR Fellows

Profiles of 2023-2024 CRS Fellows


New Mexico Historical Review (NMHR) Assistantship Recipients




Department or
Academic Program



CRS/NMHR Assistantship

Rachael Cassidy




NMHR Editorial Assistant






Meghann Chavez




NMHR Editorial Assistant






Edrea Mendoza




NMHR Editorial Assistant






Adam Polk




NMHR Editorial Assistant






Ariel Wiebe




NMHR Editorial Assistant








Center for Southwest Research & Special Collections (CSWR) Assistantship Recipients




Department or
Academic Program



CRS/CSWR Assistantship

Edward Hakim Bellamy


UNM School of Law


Harold Bailey Collection






Madison Garay


Art History


Pictorial Collections






Amber Lane


Museum Studies


UNM Archives Collections






Carlyn Pinkins




Charles Becknell, Sr., Collection






Travis Thompson


Chicana & Chicano Studies


Distinctive Native American Collections








Center for Regional Studies Fellowship Award Recipients


CRS Fellows

Department or
Academic Program

Project Titles

Josué Aciego




“Are They Indians?” Indigenous Erasure and Resilience in Western El Salvador






Emily Arasim-Darby


Community & Regional Planning


Revitalizing Rural New Mexico Community Stores for Food Justice, Economic Development & Community Health






Javier Astorga Villarroel


Latin American Studies


The Presidio-Complex:  A Genealogy of Coercion in 18th-Century Maps, Plans, and Sketches of Spanish Fortifications at Imperial Borderlands in North American and the Caribbean






Erin Berkowitz


Museum Studies


Uncovering Over 140 Years of Herbarium Specimen Data to Examine the Impacts of Climate Change on Alpine Plant Phenology in the Southern Rocky Mountains






Rachel Bordeleau


MFA Studio Art, Art & Ecology


Stories of Plant Migrations along the Middle Rio Grande Bosque






Meghann Chávez




Beauty and the Market: Beauty Salons, Neoliberalism, and Female Political Activism






Michael Flaherty


Political Science


From Taboo to Normal: Agenda Setting and the UAP Case






Gustavo García


Chicana/o Studies


The Ungovernable Sounds of Zapotec Rebels: Hip hop, Ska, and Son Jarocho






Margo Gustina




Optimizing Library Service for Resilient New Mexico Communities






Julia Jaramillo


Educational Psychology


The Effect of College Readiness Activities on College Enrollment Among Low-Income Hispanic Students in New Mexico






Mishelle Jurado


Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies


Critical Narrative Inquiry of High School Spanish Language Arts Teachers in Dual Language Programs






Bryana Olmeda




A comprehensive floristic study of the vascular plants of the Brokeoff Mountains, Otero County, New Mexico






Oluwatosin Olofinsao




Optimal Reuse of Treated Municipal Wastewater in Drylands: A Multi-Sector Dynamic Analysis






Alexander Pearl


American Studies


Legacies of the Duran Consent Decree






Marsella Perez Macias


Latin American & Iberian Institute


Living Roots: Agave & Bacanora Cultures Impacted by Denomination of Origin Regulations






Brandy Reeves


English Language and Literature


Sandra Cisneros and Motherhood: Examining the Sandra Cisneros Papers at the Wittliff Library






Emma Ressel


Art Studio, Photography


Glass Eyes Stare Back






Dominique Rodriguez


Chicana and Chicano Studies


Spiritual Healing in the US Southwest: Traditional medicine as a practice of resistance






Andreanna Roros


Earth and Planetary Science


Fate, Transport, and Impacts of Uranium-bearing particulate matter dust on the Pueblo of Laguna






Anna Rotty


Art and Art History


Spectrals from a shoreless sea, MFA Thesis






Vittoria Totaro




Farmer Training to Grow Stability Among Shifting Landscapes