2004 Projects

CRS Grants Funds for Purchasing and Shipping of UNM Press books to New Mexico's Public Libraries.

UNM Library in cooperation with the Center for Regional Studies and the Center for Southwest Research donated books about the Southwest to rural libraries around the state.

Book Recipients Express Gratitude for CRS Book Donation

UNM Center for Regional Studies and UNM Press Provide Books to New Mexico Libraries.

Thank you so very much for your kind and generous gift of these excellent books! We are just thrilled! This will add so much to our collection. You have helped our library so much. We truly appreciate what you have done for us. Thank you Dr. Duran!
-Randi Northrop, Tularosa Public Library

Your thoughtfulness and the 52 Books really made our day! Thank you again - we will find good homes for all 52!
-Bosque Farms Library Staff

It is always a surprise and delight when an unexpected shipment of brand new books from UNM Press arrives. Thank you so much for continuing to make this program possible and for keeping our library on the list for such donations. These items are wonderful additions to our Southwest collection and are much appreciated by community members. The regional character of these works makes them highly relevant for the communities we serve. Thanks again for your effort and continuing support on behalf of rural libraries.
-Maile McGrew-Frede Embudo Valley Library Community Center

Our yearly gift of Southwestern books from the University of New Mexico Center for Regional Studies have allowed our Southwestern collection to grow. Thank you to Tobias Duran and his staff for continuing this always anticipated gift of books.
-Diane Olmstead Baldwin Cabin Public Library, Datil, NM

Thank you for the wonderful donation of books. We always look forward to adding your generous donation to our library collections. Thank you for continuing to support BCPL. Please visit our library!
-Linn Kennedy, Baldwin Cabin Public Library

The Shiprock Branch Library would like to thank you, Dr. Tobias Duran, for your recent book donations to our library. And, another thank you for your understanding of financial difficulties pertaining to collections. We have a vast diversity of culture and interest in our region, which is hard to accommodate considering our budget. We just want to express our gratitude for your generosity.
-Shiprock Branch Library, Farmington, NM

We can't say it enough, but we are so grateful for the Center for Regional Studies' support for the internship program! We are even more delighted to see that the Center and Dr. Duran have authorized a fourth intern. This assistance is most appreciated!
-W. Clark Whitehorn, Editor in Chief, UNM Press

As you know, the funding for small rural libraries is difficult and I want you to know how much we appreciate the recent shipment of southwest titles. Many of the books cover our immediate area, and all of them are southwest interest. These are the most requested books we have!
-Kathy Harris, Reserve Public Library

The Woolworth Community Library would like to express sincere appreciation for the wonderful collection of materials published by the University of New Mexico Press. Thank you again so much for your generosity; the library and our community will reap the benefits of your charitable contribution to our collection.
-Joyce Pittam, Woolworth Community Library

Our patrons, as well as our staff really appreciate the donation of these wonderful books to our library collection. Thank you so much for your support of small, community-based libraries such as ours.
-Tina Cates-Ortega, Moriarty Community Library

Through its acquisition and preservation of manuscript, diary, document, photographic, and oral history collections, the Center for Regional Studies encourages a learning community, as exemplified in its donations to state libraries.
-Albuquerque Journal

The Center for Regional Studies has been very good to the small New Mexico public library systems. In the last three years Dr. Duran has committed his support of the press and New Mexico Libraries.
-Glenda Madden, UNM Press

What a wonderful surprise it was to receive your generous donation of books to our library. The titles will enhance our Southwest Collection and will delight our patrons. We appreciate your generosity so very much.
-Joyce Pittam, Woolworth Community Library

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff, I would like to extend our thanks for the two boxes of books recently received. As I am sure you are aware, small libraries such as ours have limited budgets. This donation will be appreciated by our patrons and greatly add to our collection.
-Pat Garrett, Director, Capitan Public Library

Once again an unexpected shipment of beautiful brand new books from UNM Press brightens our doorway. Thank you so much for continuing to make this program possible and keeping our library on the list for those donations. These free materials make a real difference by augmenting our tiny purchasing budget. The regional character of the items makes them highly relevant for the communities we serve.
-Maile McGrew-Frede, Director, Embudo Valley Library

Thank you for your donation to the Truchas Community Library. We sincerely appreciate your interest in our community and program. Gifts like yours enable the library staff and The Truchas Services Center to provide community services that we would otherwise not be able to offer. Thank you again for your continuous donations to the library.
-Julie Trujillo, Director Truchas Community Library

Many, many thank for your donation of two boxes of new UNM Press books for our library and our community! Such an extensive gift of materials so pertinent to our collection and readers is rare and greatly appreciated.
-Jill Conner, Library Director

The Santo Domingo Pueblo Library appreciates your generosity of the fifty-two (52) books donated. Thank you also to University of New Mexico Press for their helpfulness. This newly added asset truly enhances our modest library collection. Thank you for contributing the love of words and stories to our tribal patrons.
-Cynthia M. Crespin, Santo Domingo Tribe

This letter is to acknowledge the receipt of (52) fifty two books published by the University of New Mexico Press. Our library is fairly new and is still trying to build up its collection, especially on Southwest. This will definitely enrich our collection.
-Elena Arellano, Librarian P'oe Tsawa Community Library

The Laguna Public Library would like to thank you for the books we received as a donation from the University of New Mexico Press and by the Center for Regional Studies at the University of New Mexico. We truly appreciate your gracious donation!
-Janice Kowemy, Laguna Public Library

Thank you so much for the donation of books (University of NM Press). I apologize for not getting this letter to you sooner. Own library is no different from other small rural libraries with regards to the limitation of funds with which to purchase.
-Cordelia Hooee, Zuni Public Library

On behalf of Jemez Springs Library I want to thank you for your resent gift of books. For a small, rural Library with a very limited collection development budget it was an impressive list of titles. Our patrons are always looking for titles with a regional focus and I am excited to be able to offer them so many new books at once. Thank you for your support.
-Eva Jacobson, Library Director