Visiting Scholar Presentations

Dr. Asa B. Stone

CRS Tribal/Community College Research Scholar, Spring 2022

May 5, 2022

BUILDING COMMUNITY RESILIENCE: From an Environmental Justice Lens

What couAsa Stoneld learning look like when we center learning on community resilience and wellbeing? Grounded on principles of social ecological resilience and community engaged research, environmental justice scholar, Dr. Asa B. Stone, explores the role of education as a restorative practice through an ongoing community-driven project with the Native American Community Academy and the UNM Resilience Institute.

Asa B. Stone, PhD. is a social psychologist with a professional mission to elevate the appreciation for human capacity through science, education, and advocacy. As an environmental justice scholar, their research has focused on impacts of social influence on our attitudes and behavior from international ethnic conflicts to local environmental issues. As a professional beer sommelier, Dr. Stone recently co-authored a book titled Beer and Society - a work that explores the social, cultural, and economic dimensions of the modern beer world through an equity lens. They currently research the intersection of climate crisis and social justice as an affiliate faculty of the UNM Resilience Institute, including integration of restorative justice principles in higher education curriculum to elevate community resilience and wellbeing.