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2010 Projects

What Are Global Warming And Climate Change?  Answers for Young Readers

Book CoverGlobal warming is one of the most talked about science subjects today.

Maybe you have seen pictures of polar bears or other animals stranded atop floating chunks of melting ice. Perhaps you have heard about or lived through extreme weather--hurricanes, floods, water shortages, heat waves, or electricity blackouts. Read More...


Powering the Future:  New Energy Technologies

Book CoverEva Thaddeus is a published novelist and an educator with ten years of experience in elementary school classrooms. She served as a member of the Governor's Climate Change Advisory Group in New Mexico. Read More...

Eco-tracking:  On the Trail of Habitat Change

Book CoverIn this much-needed work for our nation's youth, Daniel Shaw tracks the interconnections of small regional ecosystems to larger ones, and in the process demonstrates the accessibility of nature to everyone. As Shaw notes in his introduction, the story that is too often told about the environment is one about despair and destruction, which basically suggests to young people that all is lost and everything was better before their time. Read More...


New Mexico Land Grants and the Weight of History by Corinna Laszlo-Henry and Jacobo D. Baca.

The SW Hispanic Research Institute sponsored "New Mexico Land Grants and the Weight of History". Speakers were Jacobo Baca, Ph.D. candidate in the UNM Department of History and Corinna Laszlo-Henry, who received her BA from NMHU and JD from UNM School of Law in 2009. Read More...

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