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Current Projects at the Center for Regional Studies

IBSG and the World Folk Art Movement

Manuel Montoya, Associate Professor of International Management and Global Structures, and International Business Students Global are pleased to announce a benchmark development in their ongoing efforts to extend their study of folk art and creative economy to the Olympic games.  As many of you know, University of New Mexico's IBSG students spent the summer last year in Seoul, Korea, building relationships that would allow them the opportunity to recreate the magic of the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe, the world’s largest folk art market, and the Olympic Games.  They have just completed editing a mini-documentary that explores that journey and promotes their upcoming World Folk Art Market pop-up installation on Friday, April 28th at UNM Cornell Mall.

Celebrating New Mexico Statehood Website

Ad in January 4, 1890 edition of the Deming HeadlightCelebrating New Mexico Statehood provides access to materials about New Mexico's history and culture. Designed to facilitate research about New Mexico's past, cultural heritage materials from 12 New Mexico institutions are available here for study and research. Materials include photographs, documents, maps, posters, art, music and video. Managed by the University of New Mexico, University Libraries and funded by UNM's Center for Regional Studies, this project is intended to help all New Mexicans learn about and appreciate our past.

The Celebrating New Mexico Statehood website is an official project of the New Mexico State Centennial, and is funded by the University of New Mexico Libraries and theCenter for Regional Studies.

Ongoing Project: Annual Book Donations

Book Cover

CRS sponsors and supports educational and outreach activities including the distribution of 55 books published by UNM Press to 64 underfunded public and tribal libraries.  This project promotes the interests of both the CRS and UNM Press in improving literacy across the state and providing learning opportunities for all New Mexicans.